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timxarmstrong's Journal

25 November
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I'm that fucker that sings and plays guitar, from Rancid and The Transplants. I own Hell-Cat Records, a division of Epitaph Records. I also own Machete, a clothing and accessories line for bands.

I'm married to the gorgeous brodyxarmstrong from The Distillers. She is mine, and mine only. Fuck with her and I'll pistol whip your measely little ass from Los Angeles to fucking Hong Kong. Thanks, and bye.

[ You must be really stupid if you think this is really Tim Armstrong. This is all completely fake. Fictional. I am not Tim Armstrong, I do not know him. I've never claimed to be him, and I never will. Please read the disclaimer if you do not understand. And I am not any Tim from UJournal, DeadJournal, or Blurty. Thanks. ]